Dr Annette Haywood, Manager Public Health Practice and Research Collaborative (PaRC) YH

I completed a BSc in Psychology from SHU in 1997, graduating with a 2:1 and hold a PhD from the University of Sheffield. My thesis explored whether there was evidence of an association between post natal  depression and premenstrual symptoms, which I completed in 2004.

I have worked  in ScHARR on and off for many years as I was a research assistant prior to embarking on my PhD within the Centre for Ageing and Rehabilitation studies based at the Northern General Hospital site in Sheffield. This work focused on the benefits of home versus hospital rehabilitation for patients following stroke or fractured neck of femur.

From 2004 I was the  Research and Governance Lead for Sheffield South East Primary Care Trust/Sheffield PCT before returning to ScHARR in 2008 to take up a research position on a multi site telehealth project focusing on self management for people with heart failure. My next ScHARR project looked at the effect of the built environment in acute care for older people.

I was appointed as Theme Manager for the Health Inequalities Theme of the South Yorkshire CLAHRC in  2010, working under Professor Liddy Goyder and alongside local authority and academic colleagues to understand and act against the differing and unequal health issues facing the South Yorkshire population. Continuing on as the Public Health and Inequalities Theme Manager for the CLAHRC YH enabled us to build on this work and expand the geographical footprint across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

When the CLAHRC funding period ended in 2019, I moved to managing the PaRC network. The value of this  was recognised by CLAHRC SY and YH who provided  legacy funding to continue to develop and progress our activities.

The vast majority of my work is building new relationships and engaging with partners in collaborations across the region and more widely. This is a great opportunity to contribute to public health research and capacity building  and is something that  I am very proud to be a part of.