Yorkshire and Humber Obesity Research Alliance (YORA)

Yorkshire and Humber region currently has the highest prevalence of adult overweight and obesity in England (NHS digital 2019). Tackling obesity is now a Government priority given the association between COVID-19 infection and obesity (PHE 2020), and the publication of the new national obesity strategy (HM Government 2020). However, obesity is a highly complex multifaceted disease that requires cross sector collaboration, multi-disciplinary action (Foresight 2007). Effective regional action on obesity therefore requires the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders from across policy, practice, research and communities.

The Yorkshire and Humber Obesity Research Alliance will facilitate collaborative working by providing a forum that will:

  • enable effective cross-sector working and collaboration across the region;
  • facilitate shared learning: enhancing research translation and co production;
  • develop a highly applied regional obesity research strategy and action plan, that fits with other regional activity and plans, and ensures all research addresses real world priorities: providing solutions that make a real and tangible different to population health;
  • facilitate the development of pan Yorkshire research funding applications;
  • promote the CRN across the YORA network and support the CRN strategic priorities;
  • provide opportunities to develop early career researchers and support further embedded research opportunities.