Policy Research Programme – Understanding the Missing Links: Integrated Health and Social Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

In March 2022, NICE published its guideline ‘Integrated health and social care for people experiencing homelessness’ (NG214) which includes recommendations on ways to improve access to, and engagement with, integrated health and social care services for people experiencing homelessness. The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Policy Research Programme (PRP) invites applications for a single research project to complement the recommendations made in this guidance and support its implementation. This includes understanding the causes of, and barriers to, effective commissioning and delivery of wraparound health and social care services for people experiencing homelessness, and effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of longer contact times with health and social care services for people experiencing homelessness.

NICE identified evidence gaps and made specific recommendations for research. This bid looks to progress these recommendations. There is high potential for such research to be impactful due to the dearth of evidence that is currently available.

The project would be expected to start in Summer 2023, ideally in July. An interim report will be needed by Summer 2025 and a final report within 3 years of the start date.

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