WHO IS THIS PROGRAMME FOR? This programme is open to anyone working in local government or the voluntary and charitable sector who work in the Yorkshire and Humber region and interested in developing their research skills.WHAT IS

THE AIM OF THE PROGRAMME? The aim of this programme is to build on your passion and interest in research and support you to develop your research skills and knowledge. We will provide a series of training workshops and access to an academic mentor so that together we can create a pathway to a future career in research.

WHAT WILL THIS PROGRAMME GIVE YOU? It will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue a research career; as a champion, a research practitioner, a Principal Investigator, or indeed by undertaking further higher Masters/Doctoral level study. You will join a cohort of 5 people to learn about research infrastructure, applying for research grant funding, public involvement and skills in literature searching and research methods.

WHO IS FUNDING AND DELIVERING THE PROGRAMME? The programme is funded by the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research, Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Network (CRN). The programme is hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, working in partnership with the CRN, University of Sheffield and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

WHAT IS THE NIHR? The NIHR supports health and social care research in local authorities and within the voluntary and charitable sector.

By the end of the programme you will:
Understand research through observing it in practice – You will be given the opportunity to learn from successful research-active peers based in local government. You will be allocated an academic mentor who will share their research knowledge, how they developed their own skills and how they furthered their research career. Have a greater understanding of research and the development of knowledge in how to pursue a future career in research – This will be achieved through 6 workshops delivered by academic partners based in universities and local government across Yorkshire and Humber, the Research Design Service and the Clinical Research Network. Have an awareness of international ethical, scientific and practical standards to which research is conducted – By undertaking online Good Clinical Practice training. Gain an awareness of the NIHR, what they do, and how they support research – All workshop sessions will be focused on supporting the development of a pre-doctoral or doctoral local authority fellowship application at the end of the course. Further your personal development – By demonstrating what you have gained from the programme and how you intend to apply this new knowledge to begin your transition into a research career. You will write a reflective log to detail the research that you have overseen (what you’ve learned, the challenges you’ve faced and the areas you need to develop to strengthen your research capabilities) and identify a means (in conjunction with your mentor) by which you may develop your research career ambitions such as an application for the NIHR Pre Doctoral / Doctoral Fellowship scheme. Timeline – The provisional start date of the programme is January 2023, with the course due for completion in May 2023.

How do I apply for this opportunity? Please complete the online application form by 21st November, or for more information please contact Catherine Homer