This programme is open to anyone working in local government, social care or the voluntary and charitable sector who work in the Yorkshire and Humber region, so we are looking at people working in these areas/ job roles;
– Social Worker
– Public Health
– Occupational Therapist within the Social Care field
– School Nurse
– Health Visitor
– Data Analyst
– Community Engagement Officer
– Community Development
– Leisure or Culture services

The above list are examples of job roles but not an exhaustive list, so please do get in touch if your job role/area isn’t listed.

WHAT IS THE AIM OF THE PROGRAMME? The aim of this programme is to ignite your passion and interest in research and give you the motivation, skills and knowledge (about research) so that together we can create a pathway to a future career in health and social care research.

WHAT WILL THIS PROGRAMME GIVE YOU? It will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue a research career; either as a champion, a research practitioner or a Principal Investigator, or indeed by undertaking further higher Masters/Doctoral level study. As a very minimum, you will be more research aware and able to talk about research in your area. You will join a cohort of 15 people to learn about research. You will write a reflective log about your learning journey detailing how you will start your research career, and you
will present this in poster format on the celebration day at the end of the course. On the first day of the programme you will join a virtual session which will give you the grounding to undertake this career changing journey.

WHAT IS THE NIHR? The NIHR supports Health and Social Care research in Local Authorities and within the Voluntary and Charitable sector.

By the end of the programme you will: Understand research through observing it in practice. How? Through shadowing, you will be given the opportunity to learn from successful research-active peers and you will be allocated a mentor who will share their research knowledge, how they developed their own skills and how they furthered their research career.

Have a greater understanding of research and the development of knowledge in how to pursue a future career in research How? This will be achieved through the completion of a number of real time virtual learning sessions designed specifically for you by the North East and North Cumbria and Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Networks.

Have an awareness of international ethical, scientific and practical standards to which research is conducted. How? Achievement of online Good Clinical Practice training. G

Gain an awareness of the NIHR, what we do, and how we support research How? NIHR online induction and webinar, with introduction from our Clinical Director.

Further your personal development How? By demonstrating what you have gained from the programme and how you are going to apply this new knowledge to begin your transition into a research career.

Your Mentor
During the programme you will write (and share with us fortnightly) a reflective log detailing the research that you have overseen, what you learnt and what you need to do to further develop your research career ambitions. Your mentor will also support you to produce a poster to explain the main themes from your reflective log. Throughout the programme you will receive support from your mentor who will supervise their project. Their organisation will receive £500 to cover the cost of the mentor’s time. A memorandum of understanding will be produced to ensure that adequate supervision is received and that the responsibilities of the learner are recognised.

Resources available to you:
– Bespoke courses provided by us
– Mentor support
– NIHR support
– Funded learning and personal learning time

To ensure that you have protected learning time we can contribute towards
funding 10 days of your role (up to mid point band 6). We will also share a
contract with your organisation to detail this agreement.

The provisional start date of the programme is the 24th January 2023, (with some fixed dates) and with the final celebration event taking place in
late May 2023.

Can I fail this course?
There is no official pass/fail. We want to support you to grow and develop your research career. We ask you to keep a reflective journal and produce a poster detailing what you’ve learned and what steps you need to take after the programme to further your research career/interests. If you don’t carry out any activities (such as shadowing research and development colleagues) then we will work with you to review and examine your progress and produce a plan to
move forward.

Will I get a chance to learn from my peers?
Yes – we will use a virtual learning environment and regular coffee clubs to encourage buddying and relationship building. We will also plan a final day celebration where you will present your own poster and hear the ideas and
career plans of your group.

How do I apply for this opportunity?
Please complete this application form by the 2nd of October 2022, or for more information please speak to Gail Creswick via or 07789746415. We reserve the right to stop accepting applications if we reach capacity before
the deadline.