NIHR Study Support Service

1, Early contact and engagement

To make the greatest impact on study delivery, engage with us from the outset and gain access to free support that provides benefits throughout the full life-cycle of your study.

2, Early Feedback

A single submission provides you with access to NHS clinical experts across all therapeutic specialties. This helps you determine if your study can be delivered in the NHS, while also increasing your chances of delivering your study on time and meeting our recruitment target.

3, Site – ID

Our service enables you to gather expressions of interest from all 240+ NHS organisations and 10,000+ General Practices in England. All you need to do is complete a single submission form requiring limited study information to gauge initial interest, following which you can engage directly with interested sites for more in-depth site selection discussions.

4, Optimising Delivery

Early engagement with our service enables us to optimise study delivery upfront. However, if you have not benefitted from early engagement we undertake an assessment to inform and enable the type of support you’ll need. For example, this could relate to study support costs or on site research professionals.

5, Effective Study set-up

Building on all previous interactions, we create and implement a study-wide action plan, detailing a single set of recommendations and key information for all study sites that enables a ‘do once and share’ approach.

6, Performance Monitoring

Our data system provides unique access to study-wide recruitment data. When  combined with the study specific review schedule, it enables a proactive approach for identifying and supporting struggling studies.


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