Public Mental Health Leadership for Workforce Development

A call to action has been made to support Public Mental Health Leadership and Workforce Development across Yorkshire and Humber. It takes forward national ambitions for public mental health leadership workforce development. It places these ambitions within the framework of the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health.

The call to action aims to:

  • support public health staff to become leaders for public mental health, and to specifically
  • improve workplace mental health, and
  • support the workforce to recognise mental health problems and take appropriate action.

Aspirational recommendations are made for Directors of Public Health, Public Health Departments and the Y&H Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Community of Improvers to support place based planning, capacity building, and to influence STPs

The document covers the results of a regional audit of public health capacity to influence public mental health workforce development. Resources and case studies are included to support public health teams and partners.

The call to action does not cover general public health workforce accreditation and training schemes, or specialist mental health and psychiatry professional training.

The work has been produced by the Yorkshire and Humber Public Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Community of Improvers (CoI).