The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) has operated as a self-governing professional network since its inception in 2007 In 2013 the ADsPH proposed to bring together public health networks across England under a common set of general principles and protocols. Formal affiliation of the Yorkshire and Humber network to the ADsPH commenced in 2014.

Our Purpose : To support the delivery of better public health outcomes in Yorkshire and Humber.

How we work:

  • Leadership : Provide public health leadership in the region and speak with a collective voice for public health in Yorkshire & Humber.
  • Influence : Generate influence and impact on key stakeholders and create alignment with other regional and national networks.
  • Public Health Development : Professional development support, oversee public health training and development processes and create and use a sector led improvement process to identify standards and develop best practice.
  • Collaboration : Agree direction and work programmes for areas where collaboration has benefit/greater impact and undertake collective advocacy work for key PH priorities in the region