Using Social Media to Engage, Share and Learn

Social media has established itself as a key part of how we all live our lives and conversely how we all access health and wellbeing information.  Social media is increasingly being used as a two-way communication tool for health promoting organisations to support people to live well in the communities they serve.

The use of social media now plays a key role in:

Service Improvement – How we promote access to health and wellbeing services i.e. a range of self-care apps such as ‘One You’, NHS Choices health guidance, cognitive behavioural change tools and the ability link and signpost people wide range of community health assets and educational resources.

Health Surveillance – How we are able to utilise social media within big data analysis to track outbreaks such as flu and of course promote access to associated vaccinations programmes.

Health Promotion – How we promote wearable and mobile health technology e.g. mobiles apps such as ‘Active 10’, ‘Couch to 5k’ and wearables that track sleep, diet and exercise as these often integrate with social media as a way of creating communities of support, achievement and celebration.

Public Health Advocacy – Listening and engaging direct with individuals and communities to improve services, how we can help dispel health myths and misinformation and how we engage new audiences that increasing gain information from the online world.

What are your motivations for using social media?

  • Are you looking to engage, share and learn with like mind people?
  • Are you looking at new ways to connect with people to promote your work as an individual, as a team or as an organisation?
  • Do you want to talk with people that matter to you in a place that they have chosen?

These are all great reasons to engage but why not ask a colleague first on how they use social media and what benefits they think it brings to them, this may help you to decide whether this is something for you or not?

Social Media Basics, Tips for beginners and how to get started

There are many different social media platforms available and whilst each has their own unique functions and characteristics, they all share a common theme of two-way communication on a platform that is open to all.

We start with a presentation on ‘Social Media & Me’ this is ‘read me first guide’ as it’s essential that you understand and follow your organisations social media policy and guidance before you start.  Each organisation will have clear set of social media guidance on what you can and cannot do.

The presentation below provides a step by start guide on how to get started ‘Using Twitter to Engage, Share and Learn’.

Please keep in touch if and when you sign-up to Twitter by following @YHADPH.  For further information and guidance, please contact Chris Sharp, Workforce Development Manager